Spotlight on Manpreet Singh

Meet Manpreet Singh, assistant professor at Auburn University and 2006 alum of the Food Science and Technology Graduate program. After some time away from campus, Singh shared with us some of his memories and best advice.

What got you interested in a career in academia?

I have always been interested in research and having a forum to be able to conduct in an area of my interest was one of the drivers for me to pursue a career in academics.

As an alum of the department, what piece of advice would you give our current students?

One of the key things that I was always reminded of while in graduate school was to have patience and keep working diligently. Always strived to get better and have do not give up on any opportunities to work on diverse aspects of food science.

What is one of your favorite memories as a student? 

As a graduate student one of the many amazing things that happened while I was in Ames was the VEISHEA fest that usually took place in April. It gave me a great chance to work with other fellow graduate students to showcase the FSHN department and also learn about other departments on campus.

What are you most looking forward to during your brief visit back to campus?

Visiting with some of the faculty who have been key in guiding me through my time not only while I was in graduate school but even now through constant encouragement to excel.

Share a little about your current work.

Currently, I work on applied and basic aspects of food safety research as it impacts public health. Some of the specific areas of my research program are to develop intervention strategies to reduce/ eliminate foodborne pathogens from meat and poultry products in addition to developing “best processing practices” for the food industry in the Southeastern states and throughout the United States.

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