Iowa State University won the top prize at a national new food product development competition! (more…)

Students in food science and human nutrition are garnering top national honors. Iowa State’s local chapter of the Phi Tau Sigma honor society were named the Chapter of the Year at the Institute of Food Technologists annual national conference in Chicago, July 11, in Chicago More».

Students with the Iowa State University Dietetics Internship in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition completed their community nutrition rotation in Dharwad, India. (more…)

Lily Benner, a graduate student in food science and human nutrition and adviser Stephanie Clark, won first place in best student research paper competition at IFT15 in Chicago. More».

Hanyu Yangcheng, a graduate student in food science and human nutrition, this weekend takes the KIK food stabilizer system he invented to be judged at the Institute of Food Technologists’ Global Student Innovation Challenge. (more…)

Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition’s new product development class is featured in this article and video by Harvest Public Media (more…)

Just where do those holes in Swiss cheese come from, anyway? Professor Stephanie Clark was featured in The New Yorker last week to discuss.


Several media outlets including KCCI, Iowa Public Radio, and the Ames Tribune recently featured the groundbreaking Alzheimer’s study conducted by Auriel Willette (more…)

Megan Reuther of WHO-TV is scheduled to do interviews May 27 with FSHN graduate student Hanyu Yangcheng and his adviser, Stephanie Clark, about the KIK food stabilizer system. (more…)

Let’s give a round of applause for the new Phi Tau Sigma initiates of 2015! The Phi Tau Sigma Initiation Ceremony was held on April 21, 2015. Phi Tau Sigma has initiated 9 new members to its honor society this year: Christine Eckert, Johsua Lyte, Lauren Millen, Monica Primacella, Kendall Ryan, Anne Seely, Amanda Svoboda, Rachel Thalhuber and Stephanie Clark.



Phi Tau Sigma-DSC_0040


First Row: Celia Bravard, Carmen Au, Danielle Franchetti, Charlwit Kulchaiyawat.

Second Row: Anne Seely, Nicole Walski, Monica Primacella, John Dzubak.

Third Row: Terri Boylston, Rachel Thalhuber, Stephanie Clark, Kendall Ryan, Christine Eckert