Extension and Outreach

Food Science and Human Nutrition shares expertise in food and nutrition every day with the people of Iowa, the United States, and the world. Our faculty provide topical information based on scientific research. Extension specialists share knowledge through programs in the community and industry. Contact us for all your food and nutrition information needs.

FSHN has a rich history of working in extension and technology transfer. For example:

  • FSHN experts in dairy made site visits to help farmers and companies improve the quality of their products and give presentations on sanitation and recognizing superior products. Those same dairy experts created the process that became the industry standard to make blue cheese using homogenized milk.

  • As people became interested in the nutritional value of prepared foods and in using crops like soybeans and corn, our experts shared with the population information on the quality and sanitation necessary to work with crops as part of the food supply.

Today, FSHN works with companies via in person visits and webinars to train inspectors as they ensure a safe, nutritional food supply.

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