K - 8th-graders

Welcome to the fabulous, fascinating (and sometimes freaky) world of food!

  • Think about the last time you chewed a gum ball. A food scientist had to figure out how to make the gum ball hard on the outside, chewy on the inside, feature those bright colors, and still taste oh so sweet!

  • Ever heard that an apple is better for you than pizza? A nutritionist or dietitian figured that out and then shared that information with kids like you so that you can stay healthy!

Those are just some of the cool things food scientists, dietitians, and nutritionists do. Select from the options below to learn more!

Learn (and play) with your food!

The following websites are a collection of resources available on the internet (and are not necessarily endorsed by the ISU Food Science and Human Nutrition Department).

Food safety

Safe Produce — Learn about good agricultural practices that keep food safe.

Food Safety Education (USDA) — Coloring books, activities, and mobile games about food safety

Test Your Food Safety Knowledge (USDA)! — Food safety quiz

Kids World Nutrition (North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Sciences) — Learn about food safety and nutrition

Infection, Detection, Protection — (American Museum of Natural History) play the Bacteria in the Cafeteria game or others to learn about microbes!

Food Detectives Fight Bac! — Interactive games about bacteria

Food Hygiene Mission Control — Out of this world activities for ages 7 through 14


Iowa State University 4-H — Kids and teens site

Nutrition Explorations.org — Games, activities, and recipes about nutrition

BAM! Body and Mind (CDC) — Learning about how to make nutritious decisions and how nutrition impacts your health

Sci4 Kids Nutrition (USDA) — Interactive games and stories about nutrition

Kids World Nutrition (North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Sciences) — Learn about food safety and nutrition

Staying Active: An Exercise Guide for Kids — Resources to help kids get excited about physical activity

Nutrition and Health Activities — Free online learning games about nutrition and healthy eating

Health and fitness

Sports Nutrition Games (Iowa State University Extension) — Have fun with the H2O race and the Carbometer!

Kidnetic.com — General information and games about diet and exercise as well as some fun recipes!

Kids Health-Staying Healthy — Find out how to take care of your body, eat healthy, and stay fit!

Powerful Bones (CDC) — A site for girls

Food pyramid

MyPyramid Blast Off Game (USDA) — An interactive computer game where kids can reach Planet Power by fueling their rocket with food and physical activity

MyPyramid Worksheet (USDA) — Check how you did yesterday eating from all areas of the food pyramid

MyPyramid Coloring Book Page (USDA)

Food groups

Fruits and vegetables

Dole 5 A Day — Information for students and educators about the 5 A Day fruit and vegetable challenge

National Watermelon Promotion Board — kKds site

Fresh for Kids — Australian site about fruits and vegetables


Dairy Council of California Learning Tools — Interactive games about dairy for kids, teens, and adults

Milk Matters — Games and mazes about milk!


Kansas Wheat Just For Kids! — Check out the Wheat Foods Council’s Just for Kids Web site, a fun, educational resource created for children ages 9 through 12

Montana Wheat & Barley Company — Resources and activities for students and teachers

Meat and protein

Pork4 Kids — learn about pork and how pigs are raised

Virginia Carolina Peanuts Kids Corner — Puzzles, music, and more


Kids Turn Central — Links to online food and cooking sites

Cooking with Kids — Tips for families to cook together


Iowa State University/NASA kids page — Learn about food in space!

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    As with all website browsing, parents and guardians should be aware of the sites that their students are viewing.

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