Cyclone Scholars

Iowa State University (ISU) Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) has received USDA scholarships for undergraduate minority students majoring in Dietetics, Diet and Exercise, or Nutritional Science.

Students considered for this scholarship opportunity must be admitted to Iowa State University, through the standard admissions process. Applicants must also be a resident of Iowa and identify as African American, Native American, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Alaska Native, or Latino/a.

Benefits provided to selected Cyclone Scholars include:

  • Full in-state tuition and fees through Spring 2019, plus partial costs of textbooks
  • Laptop computer and printer
  • Social and academic mentoring
  • Community or research experience
  • Training in foreign language
  • Funded international experience
  • Travel to national professional meeting
  • Career planning and preparation
  • Student membership to professional organizations

Enrichment Activities

Students selected as Cyclone Scholars will participate in the following experiential learning activities:

Cyclone Scholar Activities


All eligible students are invited to apply for this scholarship using the Application Form. Students must be accepted to Iowa State University and declared a major in pre-dietetics, pre-diet and exercise, or nutritional science before submitting materials for this scholarship. Applications, including a statement of career goals, must be submitted by June 30, 2016.

Career Opportunities

Nutrition and dietetics career fields have fast growing employment opportunities worldwide. Healthcare professionals with understanding of diet and nutrition are in demand for positions with:

  • Clinical centers and hospitals

  • Public and community health

  • Workplace wellness programs

  • Food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries

  • Fitness and health education

The wide range of options allows students with many talents to find rewarding careers. The healthcare industry recognizes the need for diversity in their workforce due to the changing demographics within the U.S., so career opportunities for students from underrepresented groups are plentiful.