Food Science & Human Nutrition

Food Science and Human Nutrition Adventure

The food science and human nutrition major will open doors to a variety of careers and industries, including culinary science, dietetics, nutritional science, diet and exercise, and much more. Listen to current students share their passion for this field and why they feel like they can make a difference in the world through food science and human nutrition.

Careers and Internships


Rosenfeld internship

Participants, including two FSHN students, discuss how the semester-long Louise Rosenfeld Undergraduate Internship provides students with opportunities to explore their interests, discover new passions, and open doors to greater things.


Emily Smith

You may not see Emily Smith on the football field, but don’t let that fool you – this junior dietetics major is an integral part to the Cyclone football team’s success. As a sports nutrition intern for the Cyclones, Emily is responsible for creating wholesome meal plans to help each team member gain lean muscle mass and lead a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition.


Cassie Miller

Cassie Miller shares her Culinary Science internship project experiences and explains how new students can benefit from getting involved in clubs.


Joel Weiler, Pre-health research

Joel Weiler, a recent graduate in Nutritional Science, worked side-by-side with associate professor and mentor Manju Reddy to investigate iron bioavailabilty in an African berry. Weiler went on to attend dental school at the University of Iowa.


Madalyn Schuman

Not only did Madalyn Schuman, senior in Culinary Science, have an internship description that included “hand model,” but she also is the creator of a holiday pork loin recipe featured in August Home Publishing’s “Cuisine at Home Magazine.”


Sarah Brekke

A self-proclaimed chemistry fanatic and fan of good food, Sara Brekke found a way to combine her interests in the culinary science major. Her experiences in the FSHN department has opened doors to elite internships and leadership opportunities. Sarah has developed a profound appreciation for the experience that is helping her shape a successful future in the culinary science industry.


Kelsey Gent

Kelsey Gent used on-campus career fairs and the expertise of her academic adviser to land food sensory internship with Johnsonville Sausage Company. Kelsey got a full course in sensory science when her internship called on her to improve the texture, flavor, and visual appeal of Johnsonville products.

Amanda Pudlik

Amanda Pudlik

Amanda Pudlik explains how the strong emphasis on science in the Culinary Science program, combined with her passion for cooking, opens the door to more opportunities. Her culinary science education and internship opportunities help Amanda push herself to accomplish great things.

Clubs and Organizations



Two FSHN Dietetetics transfer students discuss starting The SHOP, ISU’s on-campus food pantry, and how participation the FSHN learning community made them more involved in their ISU community. Interested in helping out? Email Hailey at


FSHN Learning Community

Establishing a network of professional mentors and meeting people with the same passions are two reasons why students love the Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) learning community.


Culinary Science Club

Students in the Culinary Science club are creating more than tasty dishes. They’re practicing their skills, learning from experts, and networking within the industry to become culinary science professionals. The Culinary Science club is a great way to get involved on campus, express creativity, and enjoy delicious food with your peers. Club meetings are every other Tuesdays at 6:30 in MacKay!


ISU Foundation Video

Kelly Wagner, ISU dietetics student, combined her love for nutrition with her passion for helping children to create a cookbook that provides nutritious and kid-friendly recipes for children battling cancer.


Sensory Test Lab Video

The FSHN Sensory Test Lab has consumers test food products to determine which are the most satisfying. This combination of science and baking helps companies like Hy-Vee determine which products to sell.


Soy You Think You Can Cook

The Soyfoods Council, in cooperation with ISU Dining and the Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, created a challenge for students to prove they have what it takes to creatively cook with soy. Each team was required to prepare an entrée and side dish from scratch within a one hour time limit.


Food Product Development class

Students and instructors in the Product Development class share their experiences, including creating, scaling, packaging, and presenting their product to industry board members.


Byron Brehm-Stecher

Byron Brehm-Stecher, assistant professor in food microbiology, explains how student learning leads to research and outreach.


Humanizing Science with Lorraine Lanningham-Foster

FSHN assistant professor Lorraine Lanningham-Foster gets students involved with hands-on experience in performing measurements and assessments so they can use that knowledge to improve health.

Ruth Litchfield  

Humanizing Science with Ruth Litchfield

State nutrition extension specialist and FSHN associate professor, RL, involves students in extension program outreach and research to give them hands-on experience that both impacts the community and provides a practical application that relates to their professional career.