Culinary Food Science

Food science meets food art in culinary food science. If you are looking for a career in food product development where both food science knowledge and culinary creativity come together, this is the program for you! The culinary food science degree program is a food science-based degree in which students develop basic culinary skills along with knowledge of the accompanying sciences. As a graduate, you’ll combine food product development skills and entrepreneurial talents with scientific and technological knowledge.


Program Information: Course Requirements / Sample 4-Year Plans

Curriculum Requirements
2017-18  Catalog requirements (PDF)
2016-17 Catalog requirements (PDF)

4-Year Plans
2017-18 Sample 4-year plan (PDF)
2016-17 Sample 4-year plan (PDF)

Course Sequences
Course sequence flow sheet (PDF)

Accelerated Degree Option
An accelerated degree option is available for the culinary food science program.

Get Involved

Learning Communities

Learning communities connect students with social and learning activities that extend well beyond the classroom. Students in many communities take a few courses together, get to know upperclassmen peer mentors, study together as a group, do service projects, and gather just for fun. Visit FSHN’s learning community page

Clubs and Organizations

Connect with people who share similar interests across the ISU campus. You can gain additional professional experiences outside of the classroom by getting involved in clubs and student organizations as wells as professional organizations.

Culinary Food Science club

Food Science club

Product Development Team

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

IFT Student Association

IFT - Iowa Section

Careers and Internships

As a culinary food scientist, you will be prepared for employment in food research and development, food marketing, test kitchens, and much more. You’ll gain real-world experience by completing an internship in food science or the culinary industry. For examples of student internships, check out our Career Connections profiles. 
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Career services

Students and alumni of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University are eligible to use the career services in both the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Human Sciences. They can assist in these areas:

  • Job search materials such as resumes and cover letters
  • Job and internship search strategies
  • Interviewing skills