Advising and Resources

The Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN) academic advisers can assist prospective and undergraduate students interested in the FSHN Department and it’s activities. Please call or email to set an appointment time.

Academic adviser for freshman students and ISU students who change majors:

Mickie Deaton
Academic adviser
220 MacKay Hall, Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1123
Phone: 515-294-4465


Academic adviser for transfer students and students interested in pursuing a minor:

Amber Kargol, M.Ed.
Academic adviser
220 MacKay Hall, Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa 50011-1123
Phone: 515-294-2553


Didactic program in dietetics director:

Anne Oldham, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Academic adviser and didactic program director
220 MacKay, Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1123
Phone: 515-294-6414

Resources for current students

Course registration resources:

Schedule of Classes

Class Schedule Planner

Course Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Humanities/social science requirements

U.S. diversity/international perspectives requirements


Additional resources:

Academic Calendar

Academic Advising Syllabus (PDF)

Academic Success Center (tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching)

ISU Catalog (courses and programs)

Student Disability Resources

Student Counseling Service

Forms for current students

File Transmittal Form for change in major (PDF)

Minor, Request for/Cancellation (PDF)

Multiple degrees (PDF)

Substitution Request Form for curriculum committee review

Withdraw request (PDF)

Accelerated degree plans

Students who are interested in an accelerated 3-year plan to earn a bachelor’s degree are encouraged to take the national examinations through the College Board to qualify for academic credit through Advanced Placement and CLEP Testing prior to starting the degree program. Additionally, students are encouraged to meet individually with an academic adviser to discuss course planning and prerequisite sequences, the importance of gaining relevant work and volunteer experiences, and balancing academics with professional development opportunities.  Sample course plans for accelerated bachelor’s degree programs are available on the College website.

Accelerated concurrent bachelor’s and master’s degree programs are also available for students who have excelled academically and are seeking to complete two degrees:  Diet and Exercise BS/MS, Nutritional Science BS/MS, and Food Science BS/MBA.

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