Adviser Resources

The university academic advising site provides resources and information links. Additionally, academic advising forms for each college are available online from the following links. Approval through the respective college is required for requests such as 32-credit waiver and exception of academic policy.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences advising forms (32 credit waiver form)

College of Human Sciences advising forms (32 credit waiver form)

Academic Success Center (tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic coaching)

ISU Catalog (courses and programs)

Student Disability Resources

Student Counseling Services

Course registration resources

Schedule of Classes and Schedule Planner

Registration Worksheet (PDF)

Course Planning Worksheet (PDF)

Course Equivalency Guides (for courses offered at community colleges)

Humanities/social science requirements

U.S. diversity/international perspectives requirements


Accommodations statement for syllabi

File Transmittal Form for change in major (PDF)

Guide for citing references

Independent study agreement form

Minor, request for/cancellation (PDF)

Multiple degrees (PDF)

Substitution request form for curriculum committee review

Syllabi learning outcomes template

Withdraw request (PDF)

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