Student Profiles

Kelly Verburgt

Kelly Verburgt, from Minnetonka, Minn., is studying dietetics to become a registered dietitian.

Monica Thornton

Monica Thornton, from St. Charles, Ill. is studying dietetics to become a registered dietitian.

Sarah Menzel

“I’m a kid at heart, so I love being with kids and helping them.”

Jenna Leland

“I found it really interesting to learn about how their nutritional status affected their growth.”

Gretchen Henningsen

“We like working together; it’s been a building year, and we are setting the stage for years to come.”

Nyahon Both

“You never know what a connection can bring — even if they aren’t in the same field as you.”

Leah Brooke

“Being a dietitian you are the person who knows the most about nutrition.”

Brooke Odendahl

Brooke Odendahl, from Sac City, Iowa, is studying dietetics to one day help individuals with food intolerances or eating disorders.

Morgan Denzer

“I wanted to learn more about food systems and the chemistry behind the food we eat.”

Toluwani Awokoya

Toluwani Awokoya, from Nigeria, Africa, is studying nutritional science to one day work as a community pharmacist.

Alexandria McPhail

Alexandria McPhail, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is studying dietetics to one day work as a community or Hy-Vee dietitian.

Shelly Palmer

“It was great to experience another culture and interesting to learn how their nutrition differed from the United States.”

Benjamin Dralle

“Between different majors and clubs, research opportunities, and everything else, you really have the chance to become who you want to be.”

Catherine Rudolph

“I love food, the chemistry behind it, and am always interested to read more nutrition articles.”

Mariah Dougherty

“I want to be the flow of information so others don’t lead astray. Because gluten free is not just a fad diet, it’s a medical issue.”

Anna Riley

“With dietetics you can go into clinical or food service management. But this class helped me realize I’m not interested in pushing products; I’m more clinical.”

Megan Slattery

Megan Slattery, from Calamus, Iowa, is studying diet and exercise to one day work as a family physician and nutritional counselor.

Alexa Berkenpas

Alexa Berkenpas, from Norwalk, Iowa, is studying dietetics to one day work for Hy-Vee.

Courtney Bryant

“I think anyone who loves to travel should study abroad. But don’t overthink things when you’re there. Experience the culture and enjoy it.”

Carissa Brown

Carissa Brown, from Boone, Iowa, is studying dietetics to work as a clinical registered dietitian.

Mitchell Carlson

“I like studying how exercise affects the body. It’s cool how one thing can impact so much.”

Jessica Craig

“I recognized my love for science and my interest in people and I paired the two for a career in medicine.”

David Mena

“Through Connect Four I received my position as a Cyclone Aid, became more confident, and more comfortable with myself."

Hannah Klaassen

“I get to work with kids, give them a beautiful smile, and see them grow as individuals; it’s the perfect job for me.”

Molly Seibel

Molly Seibel, from West Des Moines, Iowa, is studying dietetics to one day work as a registered dietitian in a hospital.