International Opportunities

Are you considering a study abroad opportunity to broaden your educational perspectives and personal view of the world? We hope so!

There are study abroad programs in a number of countries, and a visit to the International Programs/Study Abroad Office can provide information for each. If you are looking for an international experience tailored to your major, contact your adviser to discuss what program fits best with your academic plan. Use the resources below to explore the wide variety of opportunities that await you.


Food Science and Human Nutrition International Programs

The College of Human Sciences (CHS) International Programs office and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Study Abroad office assist students with international travel programs available at the college level. Visit the their websites for information on:

  • International programs
  • International scholarships
  • Tips
  • Blogs by students studying abroad

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad
0018 Curtiss Hall
513 Farm House LN
Ames, IA 50011-1054
Ag Study Abroad Office

CHS International Programs
131 MacKay Hall
2302 Osborn Drive
Ames, IA 50011-1078
CHS International Programs

CHS Study Abroad Fair

The CHS Study Abroad Fair will be held during Human Sciences Week the last week of September 2016.

ISU Study Abroad Center

ISU Study Abroad Center
3224 Memorial Union
515 294-6792

The Study Abroad Center can help you begin to explore your options as well as answer just about any question along the way. The office has a library of inter-cultural information, catalogs from colleges and universities abroad, scholarship information, etc. The staff can help answer your specific questions and help you with passports and applications.

ISU Study Abroad Fair

Study Abroad Fair events are held in September and January. Information tables are staffed by representatives that can answer your specific questions. Over 100 programs are represented.


There are a number of programs to choose from:

  • Some programs let you study and travel for a few weeks, a full semester, or an entire year!
  • There are group programs led by faculty.
  • Regent semester programs let you take a specific set of classes with other U.S. college students or take classes with students from the foreign institution.
  • Exchange programs allow you to pay Iowa State tuition and “exchange places” with a student from a foreign country who wishes to study at Iowa State.
  • Some programs let you complete internships or student teaching, or you may work for a summer in a foreign country.
  • You can also participate in programs organized by other U.S. or foreign schools.

Speaking the language

You do not necessarily have to learn a new language to study abroad.

  • You may choose a country in which English is the common language.
  • You may choose a country where you can improve your skills in a language that you have learned in the past.

Study abroad and your degree

Whether your study abroad applies to your degree or impacts your graduation date depends on the study abroad opportunity that you choose and which classes remain to be completed in your academic program.

See adviser. Be sure to see your adviser to understand how the courses you plan to take will apply to your degree requirements.

International perspectives requirement. Study abroad credits do meet the ISU International Perspectives requirement — check the ISU guidelines on these pages:

Registrar’s guidelines on international perspectives

International Perspectives requirement — course catalog

Financing travel abroad

ISU offers a number of study abroad locations in which the student pays tuition and room and board at ISU while changing places with a foreign student who comes to study at Iowa State (exchange programs). The educational costs of these programs is the same as attending ISU with the exception of the additional monies spent in travel and tourism while you are in your exchange country.

Other study abroad programs can be more expensive — visit the following sites for more information:

Financial Aid office study abroad page

College of Human Sciences international scholarships

Study Abroad Center

If you are receiving aid through the ISU Financial Aid Office, this money can be applied for study abroad as long as you are earning ISU credits or transferring academic credits into your program at ISU.

In the past few years FSHN students have experienced a variety of study abroad. Hear about their experiences.

International internships are another way FSHN students experience a study abroad — here are some recent places our students have interned:



Dates: Summer 2017

Food Production and Processing in China

Students will learn about commercial aquaculture practices at the Dalian Polytechic University, investigate the aquaculture on Yalu river and industrialized mushroom, gingseng and chestnut productions and processing, see rice production and hog operation at Jiangxi Agricultural University, and engage with scientists in the various institutions of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing.

Contact: Dr. Toni Wang



Dates: Summer 2017

Production and processing of sustainable, safe and nutritional food in France

Experience French cuisine and French culture as related to food and learn varying perspectives in terms of diet, food production and the major role of food in French culture. Students may participate in a study abroad experience or an internship.

Contact: Dr. Kurt Rosentrater



Dates: TBA

Food, Nutrition and Health: Service Learning in India

Understand the efforts behind tackling food and nutrition issues in the second most populous country in the world, while being introduced to the agriculture that sustains and affects food security and rural livelihoods and to the programs developed to impact health and nutrition, particularly in rural areas.

Contact: Dr. Sarah Francis or Dr. Manju Reddy



Dates: Summer 2017

Multidisciplinary Experiential Study of International Nutrition in Peru

Interact with Peruvian researchers, program managers, and nutrition students, collaborate on group projects, and conduct fieldwork in communities to observe barriers to behavior change in two 2-week modules on communication and nutrition education, community-based research, clinical nutrition, or water and food safety.

Contact: Dr. Matt Rowling or Dr. Manju Reddy



Dates: Summer 2017

Spanish Cuisine: From the old world to the new cuisine

Discover the diversity of traditional Spanish cuisine and new trends in gastronomy while working in a new kitchen facility with renowned chef instructors from a variety of culinary backgrounds and visit several food production facilities, seeing first hand the importance of geographic location in marketing traditional foods.

Contact: Erica Beirman or Linda Svendsen



Dates: TBA

Food, Culture, and Agriculture in Thailand

Experience through interactions with the people of Thailand, their culture and food, the major crops of Thailand, processing of crops/food into ingredients and products, and the university studies and scientific research in Thailand in the area of food science, nutrition, and agronomy.

Contact: Dr. Jay-lin Jane or Dr. Buddhi Lamsal

United Kingdom

Dates: Spring Break 2017

Food Production in the Artisan Style

Students will be immersed in the culture of an English estate and develop an understanding of the historical importance of food preparation, preservation and traditional cuisine.  These experiences with help students to develop a global network in preparation for a career in the food industry.

Contact: Erica Beirman or Linda Svendsen

Students in Food Science and Human Nutrition have the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom in a study abroad experience made to fit their interests. Offered in the summer, these experiences are sure to provide adventures like no other. With other travel courses being developed all the time, our students are exploring global food, nutrition, and public health around the world.